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Thank you for your interest in my work with
Shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese bamboo flute.
I hope this web page will provide you with information that is useful.
If you would like to know more about me, check out the follwing pages.

Neptune Profile

A short biography about my work with shakuhachi as a performer & recording artist, composer and flute maker.


Neptune in Review
Reviews of my music and concerts.

Find out about my CDs and tapes and where to buy them.

Shakuhachi Playing Guide
If you are interested in my introductory book Shakuhachi - A Tozan Playing Guide.

Sheet Music
If you want to tackle an original Neptune shakuhachi piece,

TakéDaké Band
Covers events and projects related to my all bamboo instrument group "TakéDaké".

Calendar of Concerts & Events
Information about my scheduled performances.

Flute Maikng
I make and sell professional quality shakuhachi of all sizes.

An Introduction to the Shakuhachi
Basic information on the instrument and its traditional music.

Photo Album
Pictures of me harvesting giant bamboo in Japan, making flutes and other instruments, etc.

Good luck with your shakuhachi adventures!
Shakuhachingly, John

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