John Kaizan Neptune


What do you need to fly a kite? Wind (shakuhachi) and strings(s). Ignoring boundaries and using instruments in unusual and unexpected ways: The music here may not fit neatly into established categories. But blending different styles is not the purpose of this album. It's much simpler than that. There are so many wonderful textures found in different kinds of music around the world and it seems natural to want to explore these textures. So what do you call it when a classical guitar player does a dirty slow blues, or a string quartet swings with a "walking" cello, or a shakuhachi player sings into the instrument while the strings play an African percussion groove? I call it music we had a great time creating, and I hope the listener can participate in the wide range of vibrations.


Sailing East
Bamboo Cutter
Bamboo Princess
Moon Return
Wing It
Bewteen Clouds
Two's Blues

All music composed or arranged by John Kaizan Neptune and/or Takao Naoi
Recorded at St. Maria Church, Oberlenningen, Germany, September 14-16, 1992


John Kaizan Neptune-Shakuhachi
Georg Lawall-Guitar
Modern String Quartet
Jorg Widmoser, Violin
Winfried Zrenner, Violin
Adreas Horicht-Viola
Jost H. Hecker-Cello

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