John Kaizan Neptune

Water Colors

Water Colors

In 1994 I recorded an album of original compositions, Prime Numbers, featuring Yasuko Watanabe on koto with other traditional Japanese instruments. Almost 20 years later, it is great to record this album featuring the next generation, daughter Masako Watanabe. Many thanks to both generations for their wonderful performance and energy, and I look forward to the next project...hopefully sooner than 20 years from now!


White Rainbow
Water Colors
Flying Light
Island Breeze
Flowing Blossoms
Another World
Two Tails
Forest Trail

All music composed and arranged by John Kaizan Neptune
Recorded at Victor Studio, Tokyo, Japan, December 20-22, 2013


John Kaizan Neptune-Shakuhachi
Yasuko Watanabe-Koto
Masako Watanabe-Koto, Bass Koto
Keiko Miyakoshi- Bass Koto
Hiroshi Hozumi-Shamisen
Watanabe World Ensemble

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