John Kaizan Neptune

Sky Spirit

John "Kaizan" Neptune has expanded the possibilities of the Japanese shakuhachi flute to embrace the realms of jazz and fusion. At the same time, through many long years of training in the classical repertoire of the instrument, he has become one of the most outstanding exponents of the shakuhachi currently active in Japan. He is joined by musicians who together create music which transcends national boundaries and the origins of the instruments which they perform. It is surely music such as this which deserves the label of "World Music" and which is likely to serve as a stepping stone towards the music of the future. --- Akira Ebato


Sky Spirit
Four Fun
No Walls
Either Way
In the Distance
Red Moss Rock

All music composed and arranged by John Kaizan Neptune
Recorded at JVC Yamanaka-ko Studio, Yananashi, June 24-26 1991


John Kaizan Neptune-Shakuhachi
Masa Matsuda-Keyboard
Takao Naoi-Guitar
Paul Jackson-Bass
Lewis Pragasam-Drums
Yoshiori Nomi-Latin Percussion
Yasuko Watanabe-Koto
Noboru Kurosaka-Tabla
Christopher Hardy-Dumbek, Percussion
Ichiro Hosoya-Japanese Percussion
Guo Min-Yang-Qin

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